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This update brings enhancements to those utilizing ALM Octane and Jama with VersionOne Lifecycle. As well as other enhancements and fixes.


  • Call-to-Test support in ALM Octane
  • Support for Project area, Project-area list, Item and Item list field types in IBM Rational Team Concert
  • Release field support in JAMA work-items
  • User can now commit against JAMA item’s project key, from source control system like Git, Subversion and so on.


  • Comments were getting duplicated when integration CA SDM bi-directionally.
  • Handled some of the scenarios for the error “Integration cannot be activated as it is not scheduled correctly.” If issue still comes then as a workaround, OIM server needs to be restarted.
  • “Not able to parse artifact type: flow-state.” from CA Agile Central while creating Defect entity on sandbox instance.
  • Duplicate comments were getting created if system recovery comes when creating entity in Zendesk.
  • Comment-settings not being considered properly while generating XSLT for comments