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This update brings a new integration with CA PPM and several other enhancements. 

New Integration(s)



  • Option provided while configuring mapping to decide which fields to synchronize while Create/Update/Both. User will now be able to synchronize a different set of fields while creating and updating entity in target end-system. If user wants to synchronize particular fields for both create and update, “Both” option can be selected.
  • VersionOne actuals are added to appropriate owner of task, not integration user always.
  • Support for editing username in OIM (except admin user).
  • Support for purging audits based on date and view purge logs.
  • Multiple comment synchronization supported for CA Service Desk Management.
  • Support for integrating OLE objects with IBM Rational Doors as source.
  • Write attachments support for IBM Rational Doors Next Generation


  • Status field in IBM Rational Team Concert not getting updated.
  • Non-proxy hosts not being considered in Proxy Settings after OIM database password is reset.
  • Unable to fetch fields in Fields Mapping for fields with empty data types.
  • Unable to start OIM server if while installing predefined alias value “tomcat” is changed on certificate generation page.
  • Unable to create new User Group from User Management.
  • Issues in recovery if fields with “Timeunit” datatype are mapped in Atlassian Jira.
  • Projects removed from integration configuration being considered in reconciliation.
  • Default OpsHub server not being activated again if deactivated once.
  • Synchronization fails while syncing test case steps from QASymphony qTest.
  • Conflict check fails for date fields in IBM Rational Team Concert.
  • Synchronization fails in Jira cloud versions while syncing attachments.
  • Issue while resetting OIM database password.
  • Multiple comments added while creating entity not getting synchronized from IBM Rational Team Concert.
  • Duplicate comments added in target system if IBM Rational Team Concert is used as source.
  • Synchronization fails from Selenium if file content is large.
  • Issues while mapping text fields with time unit fields.

Known Issues

  • Formatting lost while synchronizing “Description” field from Jama.