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This release provides several updates to connectors.


  • Enterprise Architect 15 Support

Major Bug Fixes


  • For Jira as a source system, during Reconciliation, an error occurred while fetching linked entity which belonged to the archived project in Jira.

Team Foundation Server(TFS)/Azure DevOps

  • For TFS as a source system, the overwrite option must be enabled for Steps field of Shared Steps entity to sync updated value of Steps.
  • For TFS SCM system, ALM Connect throws error while creating virtual drive when the repository's name exceeds 259 characters.
  • For TFS system, a global failure occurs while reading attachments if the attachment file's name contains invalid windows file characters.


  • For Zendesk as a source system, entities get skipped when entities matching criteria are created during the wait time of the Poller.


  • For Github, null error occurs while getting comments, if comment's author does not exist or is removed from the system.