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New Connectors, Versions, and Entities

  • Team Foundation Server/Azure DevOps: 2020


  • Enhanced ALM Connect User Interface for different screens like Sync Report, Failures, etc. to make it more effective and consistent. Provided sorting and export functionalities on screens.
  • Windchill RV&S

    • Support for all document types in Windchill RV&S.

Major Bug Fixes


  • While importing the mapping on Configure Mappings, the complete list of validation errors is not shown.


  • Error '400 Bad request' while performing operations with some Jira Cloud instances.


  • For ServiceNow as a target system, discrepancy observed in date field synchronized via ALM Connect.
  • For ServiceNow as a source system, 'Processing failure' with error 'Unparseable date' comes during the synchronization of date fields of type 'glide_date'.
  • After upgrading ALM Connect to 7.49 or above, not able to edit the ServiceNow system.

Team Foundation Server/Azure DevOps

  • If ALM Connect is running on current state configuration, 'Steps' field in Shared Steps does not get synchronized.


  • After ALM Connect upgradation, not able to connect to VersionOne system when it is on-premise and authentication is 'NTLM'.


  • Updates on entities synchronized via ALM Connect at vManager are not getting synchronized to the target system, if the entity is not meeting the criteria configured in ALM Connect for vManager system.

IBM Rational Team Concert

  • For IBM Rational Team Concert as target system, if an attachment is synchronized via ALM Connect it gets deleted after sometime automatically.

Windchill RV&S

  • Not able to load 'Category' field in the field mapping for entity 'Input' on the Mapping Configuration page of ALM Connect.