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Agility Connect Point Release Notes 21.2.1


Here's a list of new features and bug fixes in Agility Connect 21.2.1.

Support for Delete event

In addition to CREATE and UPDATE events, Agility Connect now supports DELETE event. When you delete a work item in one of the integrated tools, the corresponding work item is deleted in the tool at the other end of the integration.


What happens when you Undelete work items in Agility? (Agility—Jira mapping)

While a work item—if deleted—is deleted forever in Jira, you can undelete a deleted work item in Agility at a later point in time. In this case, a new work item is created in Jira when you undelete a deleted work item in Agility. 

Mapping TeamForge Planning Folders with Agility Planning Levels

The use case is to map the TeamForge Planning Folders with Agility Planning Levels—at a field mapping level—so that you can have the mapped TeamForge Planning Folder and Agility Planning Level always in sync. Work items created, updated, or deleted in a TeamForge Planning Folder are synced with the mapped Agility Planning Level. 


You can also have conditional syncing (Sync Specific Work Item) based on specific TeamForge Planning Folders and Agility Planning Levels


Filters in View Logs page

The View Logs page is now equipped with filters to let you filter the list of log entries. You can filter the list by the following fields:

  • Source ID—Type the source ID and click the filter icon (or press enter)
  • Destination ID—Type the destination ID and click the filter icon (or press enter)
  • Event Type—Select the type of event from the drop-down list and click the filter icon (or press enter)
  • Status—Select the status from the drop-down list and click the filter icon (or press enter)


Created By and Updated By Columns in Mapping List page

The Mapping List page now shows the user that created or updated a mapping. The Created By and Updated By columns in the Mapping List page show the user name of the user that created and updated the mapping respectively. 

Ability to view Event Info (JSON payload) 

You can now click the Event Info icon of any event (on the View Logs page) to view the JSON payload for that event. 


Rich-text formatting support for Text fields 

Agility Connect now supports syncing text fields with rich text formatting. Rich text-formatted content is now synced without losing the formatting done in the source system. 

Bug Fixes

  • The Jira account ID of the user shows up in the Comments section of the Jira work item (instead of showing the Jira user name) when you use @mentions in Agility Conversations.