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Continuum Release Notes 16.3.2

This feature is available in Ultimate edition only.


Release Highlights

November 14, 2016

This release includes new release risk metrics reports. Continuum contributor report and licensing more accurately reflects the contributor names added to Continuum user accounts. Git merge commits are now not counted as Change and thereby will not show up as unmanaged or rogue commits. Fixed a scheduler issue when system time zone is not in sync with database time zone.

This is the first Fall release, 16.3.2. 16.3.1 was skipped to catch up to Lifecycle.

Defects Fixed

  • D-10804 Drop zone in Pipeline - Loop plugin shrinks after refresh

  • D-11271 Automate task scheduler schedules for wrong times and over schedules when database time zone is not synced with system time zone

  • D-11276 Octopus plugin incorrectly ignoring "inherit status" flag

  • D-11284 Adding a domain user then updating the user with a backslash in the user name causes duplicate backslashes to appear

  • D-11290 Forgot password confirmation (OK button) does not do anything for local user accounts

  • D-11291 Password history for local user accounts not storing correctly


  • S-58040 Contributor report needs to be more dynamic and get refreshed when a users contributor data gets updated

  • S-59220 Project Edit >> Source Tab "Source Branch" radio button option is selected by default

  • S-59979 Github merge commits should not be tracked as regular changes and associated with work items

  • S-60159 File object 'risk factor' calculation to be a calculation of several simple metric ratios

  • S-60210 Package Revision gets a 'risk' flag if any files are in the top 20% of risky files.

  • S-60231 Remove multitude of SSL warnings from pipeline logs

  • S-60236 Package Version 'risk factor' calculated from all included changes and source files.

  • S-60238 Change pipeline initiate command to start downstream pipelines immediately instead of waiting until initiator finishes

  • S-60249 Reduce and refine pipeline instance logging to be more clear and readable

  • S-60259 Gitlab merge commits should not be tracked as regular changes and associated with work items

  • S-60260 Bitbucket merge commits should not be tracked as regular changes and associated with work items

  • S-60296 Source files get a 'has_risk' flag.

  • S-60297 Package Versions calculate risk INDEX based on 'hasrisk' flag not 'highrisk' flag

  • S-60321 Add Test Connection button on the Octopus Manage Plugins page

  • S-60365 Allow users to be created without an email address or password if status is set to disabled

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