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Continuum Release Notes 17.1.2

17.1.2 Highlights

SonarQube Integration

SonarQube is the leading "Continuous Code Quality" platform for software development. In conjunction with Continuum, this powerful platform provides key insights into code quality, health, bugs, and security among other areas. SonarQube supports analysis of multiple projects and enables you to centralize and scale a single vision of code quality.

Integrating Continuum with SonarQube will give you release insight in the following areas:

  • Project Complexity
  • Release Complexity
  • Bugs
  • Vulnerabilities
  • Unit Test Coverage


Find out more about this integration in the SonarQube Integration for Continuum page in our communities site.

Enhanced Logs Display

Logfiles now display line numbers and support line highlight, making easier than ever to parse long log files.

Ability to Copy Package Definition

The Continuum UI now supports copying a package definition along with all of its activities and controls. This is especially useful for teams that have multiple products going through the same steps in a value stream.


  • Pipeline instance page hyperlinks now function properly
  • Executed manual interactions log result and user response