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Continuum Release Notes 17.3.1

17.3.1 Highlights


  • SonarQube plugin now offers “test connection" functionality
  • Bamboo plugin now stores results in a dedicated key
  • TeamCity plugin now stores results in a dedicated key
  • Octopus plugin now stores results in a dedicated key
  • Pipeline Instances page performance has been improved
  • Scheduled tasks are now available in a central location for administrator audit
  • Pending Pipelines page has been improved to show entire “origin” and “details”. Buttons have been refactored to work on more screen resolutions.
  • Tasks can now be looked up in auto-complete fields
  • New constants added for pipelines:
    • Epoch time
    • UTC datetime
    • Local datetime
  • TeamForge plugin has been extended to provide the following functionality:
    • Add comment to artifact
    • Change artifact status
    • Update artifact
    • Get artifact
    • List Repositories
    • Create git branch
    • Delete git branch
    • Create git tag
  • Support for VSTS TFVC repos has been added

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed issue preventing import of task from file
  • Fixed issue preventing some users from correctly interacting with the Slack plugin
  • Fixed issue on getlog page which reversed text when choosing to see all lines
  • Fixed issue affecting the “change arrivals” graph on the risk dashboard
  • Date filters on task activity log page have been fixed
  • Resolved multiple issues with Pipeline Instances page filter (search)
  • Submission from TeamForge git repos now record correct branch name