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Continuum Release Notes 18.0

18.0.0 Highlights



    • Insights Dashboard – this brand-new dashboard provides a centralized location for all devops/continuum-related data. Users will be able to access the following data from a centralized location:
      • VCS files & commits
      • CI jobs
      • Manual & automated activities
      • Pipelines runs
      • Tasks
      • Deliveries
    • Security – all plugin-related data is now encrypted and not accessible via the Continuum GUI
    • Metrics Dashboard – now allows users to select a range of versions to see aggregate flow and risk data by package
    • Environments Dashboard Updates – now allows users to see revision number as well as remove environment cards from the dashboard
    • Progression Board – performance has been enhanced to allow for faster load times
    • Pipeline Instances Page – performance has been enhanced to allow for faster load times

Bug Fixes:

    • Resolved an issue that caused “pipeline description” to be omitted from the pipeline instances page
    • Resolved an issue on the System Page which was causing some users to receive a “list index out of range” error
    • Resolved an issue with Task import functionality that did not properly validate xml formatting
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