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Continuum Release Notes 18.1.2

18.1.2 Highlights


  • Improved Progression Board Filtering - Filters are always visible instead of hidden in a filter dialog.
  • MongoDB Replica Set support:
    • Continuum can be configured to attach to a named MongoDB Replica Set.  When configured in this way, if the primary MongoDB server goes down, Continuum will automatically fail over to the newly elected database server.
  • RedHat OpenShift is now supported via a new Pipeline Plugin
  • Continuum can now accept change submissions from Gerrit:
    • Gerrit events can be broadcast to Continuum via a provided 'hook'
  • Improved performance in pipelines that interact with external CI tools:

In this release, the default behavior for CI jobs in Jenkins, TeamCity and Bamboo has been changed.  These plugins will no longer save the job log in Continuum by default, and reviewing the log in Continuum is no longer possible.  The ability to hyperlink from Continuum to the external tool remains unchanged.  If desired, this feature can be re-enabled via a feature toggle.

Bug Fixes:

  • Users assigned to Manual Activities via a Tag will now get their notification email
  • Resolved an issue showing a Package Revision with an Activity assigned to a deleted Tag
  • Pipeline Instance page now correctly shows the Start and End times
  • Projects page filter bar now renders properly
  • Better styling of the Forgot Password dialog, better user interaction on failed login attempts
  • Fixed an installer issue on CentOS 6
  • Update messages received on the Progression Board no longer change the selected filter
  • Pipeline Instance page now shows additional logging on each step in the Integration Summary
  • GitHub 'Get File' command no longer fails when a branch is specified
  • Better information message when trying to create a User that already exists
  • A specific failure in accepting change submissions from TFVC has been fixed
  • Copy Pipeline dialog now properly closes after execution
  • Some scheduled metrics were running more often than expected