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Continuum Release Notes 18.2.0

18.2.0 Highlights

New Features:

Continuum Teams - In a significant enterprise scale improvement, Continuum is excited to announce the introduction of Teams.  This new architectural feature helps organize reporting and analytics, configuration, orchestration routines, and administration responsibilities in a more compartmentalized way - protecting users from information overload and ensuring configuration can only be managed by appropriate people.

Hand in hand with Teams comes similarly expanded Role Based Access Control.  Users can now be affiliated with multiple roles within the scope of the Teams of which they are members.  Additionally, System Administrators are no longer super-users - they have the ability to manage system settings and manage security, but do not necessarily have access to change Team level automation or project configuration.  All this provides greater granularity and separation of duties, ensuring the integrity of the system.


  • Jenkins Plugin  - now supports API token for authentication
  • Gerrit - Gerrit hooks are now available as either a BASH script or a Python script
  • Host Configuration - important host config options can now be Environment Variables, taking precedence over the configuration file
  • Installation - improvements to installation scripts and initial database configuration

Bug Fixes:

  • Pipeline Builder - fixed an issue when deleting the inner plugin of Loop or Conditional plugin
  • Manage Plugins - no longer double encrypting the Token when changing another configuration value
  • Paged Grids - certain rows no longer duplicate when a filter is also set
  • Security - several important security improvements