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Spring 2016 Point Release #3 - Build

Ideas signup captcha protection, various reporting enhancements and various bug fixes.


  • Analytics

    • Target Team attribute available on Portfolio Item Analytic Grid.

    • Target Team Data Source available when Portfolio Item Trend is selected.

    • Epic Details Data Source has an Target Team attribute.  The value in this attribute is the current Target Team assigned in Lifecycle.

  • Data Mart

    • Dim.Epic table has a a new column for the Target Team attribute.

    • Fact.Epic has  new column for the TargetTeam attribute

  • Lifecycle Ideas


  • Member profile password is reset to null when editing in Firefox 42.0 and Windows 7.

  • Backlog items remain filtered by custom filter after the custom field has been disabled by an administrator.

  • Asset links fail when upper case letters are used in the URL.

  • Long username will overwrite todo in tasks on taskboards.

  • Estimate Points, Backlog Group and Sprint not available in Customize Columns window.

  • Ideal line hover is not visible on Sprint Burndown.

  • Portfolio Item Timeline ignores children when no begin and end dates are entered for the parent Portfolio Item.

  • Backlog Item Cumulative Flow By Status Interval Filter Defaults Properly when a Sprint is selected

  • Backlog Item Cumulative Flow Interval Filter Defaults Properly when a Sprint is selected

  • Portfolio Item Cumulative Flow By Status Defaults

  • Portfolio Item Cumulative Flow Defaults

  • Kanban TeamRoom Cumulative Flow Chart By Status and includes Closed

  • Analytics: Workitem Treemap fails when Title attribute contains special characters.

  • Analytics Workitem CycleTime panel on the Role based dashboards has filters that conflict and interfere with the dashboard filters

  • Analytics: When Workitem Cycle Time is on a role based Dashboard invalid values are passed to other queries on the dashboard resulting in unexpected results. 

  • Data Mart ETL load the Fact.Workitem table in in smaller batches.

  • Data Mart ETL fails when the number of rows in a table exceeds the maximum integer value for SQL Server

  • Data Mart ETL fails when Epics have a Custom Relationship with the built-in Class of Service field

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