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Summer 2016 Point Release #1 - Build


  • Various usability and design improvements were made to the Roadmaps.

  • These changes were made to Delivery at a Glance:

    • Various design improvements.

    • Support for Continuum Package updates.

    • Ability to associate rogue commit with a workitem was added.

    • Bundles that contain only rogue commits now display.


  • The TeamRoom Administration permission description was changed to "Project Lead", and no longer incorrectly shows "Project Admin".

  • Project Burndown by week no longer extends one week past the project end date.

  • Timesheets no longer save duplicate changes.

  • Lifecycle web.config no longer prevents external configuration of proxy server.

  • The issue that caused the timeout when moving a project with many sub-projects and members was fixed.

  • Cumulative Flow Y axis label matches the selected aggregation.

  • The Portfolio Item Cumulative Flow Chart shows the correct end date parameters.

  • The Member Dashboard Backlog Item Cumulative Flow By Status Panel no longer displays an invalid "Other" status when multiple Workspaces are included.

  • The Member Dashboard Backlog Item Cumulative Flow By Status Panel now honors Member By Count Preferences.

  • The DeliveryStream "canvas" trigger type was updated to include ExternalActionInvocation OID in its URL.

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