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Spring 2017 Point Release #7 - Build


In-Line editing, Team Process, Filter, and Reporting improvements. Various bug fixes and enhancements.


  • In-Line Edit
    • Regression Test can be edited in-line
    • Member can be edited in-line
  • Team Process
    • WIP Group support
    • Threshold and WIP limits can be added to status values
    • Cycle Time definition support
    • Quick access to Team Process tab from the Storyboard
    • When Customizing a Storyboard filtered to a Team, the Team Board configuration details is read-only
    • My Home My Work Grid Status filter value list considers team process
    • Other miscellaneous UX improvements
  • New Filters
    • Checkboxes, dates and numbers are now filterable. 
    • Number fields can use LESS THAN and GREATER THAN, while date fields can use BEFORE and AFTER, in addition to IS.
    • "Find" now includes results from all text fields, in addition to Title and Description.
    • Support on saved Roadmaps
  • Delivery Report populated by Continuum
  • Improved velocity reporting
  • Ability to show or hide the Planned Phase on the Delivery At A Glance board


  • In-Line Edit
    • Test Set does not have an icon in select list
    • Clearing out Planned End Date on Portfolio Item results in Bad Request error
    • Invalid history entries when clicking on a rich text field and exiting without making any changes
    • Drop-down menu does not scroll to currently selected item
    • Links in rich text fields do not open
    • Inline editing an owned task or test in the Members grid of Member Planning results in an error
    • Planned End Date does not handle undo/redo well
    • Deleting an asset displayed in a pop-up leaves the asset editable
  • Reporting & Analytics
    • Portfolio Item Scorecard Burn-Up ideal line does not extend to the end date
    • When viewing average velocity in Iteration Scheduling, TeamRoom, Scorecard and on Velocity Trend charts, numbers display beyond two decimal points
    • Dependency Diagram loses scroll bar and full screen chart isn't full screen
    • Cumulative Flow By Status charts ignore the calculated or implied end date value (project, iteration, etc.)
    • Error when loading velocity metrics on Iteration Scheduling page in Team edition
    • Project Scorecard fails to load in a Planning Room when member does not have access to any projects
    • Kanban TeamRoom whose project has an end date more than a month in the past results in invalid cumulative flow chart
    • Analytics Program and Team Dashboard results in error when processing iteration data
    • Analytics Agile Earned Value panel results in error
  • Team Process
    • Storyboard Configuration shows all Status values, including Team values, when filtered to all teams
  • New Filters
    • Filter panel contains Portfolio Item in Team edition
    • Planned Begin or End Date displays results for one day prior
    • Filtering a 2 digit year in the date filter results in error 
    • Numeric filters give unexpected results on grids with calculated columns
    • Owner filter causes error on status filter when the user uses it for the first time
    • Inappropriate idea filter not working
    • Owner lookup displays "Myself" multiple times
    • Numeric fields show "bad request" when non-numeric input is entered
    • Date and Numeric filters no longer applied after expanding all in a tree
    • Clear All Filters does not work in Planning Room panels with a filter configuration
  • TeamRoom
    • WIP limits no longer showing in columns on the Epic Kanban board or the Storyboard
    • Add New on backlog panel in TeamRoom with no sprints throws Bad Request
  • Miscellaneous
    • Add Portfolio Item doesn't work on Roadmaps
    • Delay or failed reporting activities in the Activity Stream under certain error conditions
    • Expand and Collapse icon on a grid row always displays as a collapsed after initially expanding
    • Create Topic header is misaligned
    • "No Project Selected" warning message does not display when All Projects has been selected on Release Forecasting
    • Submenu dropdown not displaying on Admin menus
    • Clearing a workitem title or changing the Project or Team results in an error message when a workitem has not been saved and is in pop-up mode
    • Creating a new backlog item from the Asset Tray menu returns an error
    • Unable to Display error returned when a user attempts to add a new Portfolio Item using "Add Portfolio Item" button from the "Portfolio Tree" panel in a Planning Room where he has no access to the room's primary project
    • Localizations for conversations are broken on topics in a topic panel

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