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Summer 2017 Point Release #5 - Build


Navigation, in-line edit and various other improvements and bug fixes.


  • In-Line Edit
    • Support for Regression Suite, Backlog Group, Backlog Goal, Iteration, Schedule, Pipeline, Pipeline Run, Package and Commit
    • Fields are now read only for Observer role
  • Filters
    • Quick lists maintain relevant parent/child relationships in display
  • Delivery Contents Report
    • Package name is visible when selected
  • Navigation Improvements
    • Sub-menu column title is to the left of menu items
    • Icons respond to browser resize
  • Delivery At A Glance
    • Package is closed when continuum executes "deliver" directive on a package revision
    • If the delivery forecast is less than 24 hrs, data is not displayed
  • Other
    • Defects can be associated with Closed Workitems


  • Budgets page errors on load without a primary project selection
  • Errant semi-colon is displayed on Members Project Roles page
  • Server error in excel export of Commits grid with Reference Link column enabled
  • Tab order gets out of order after clicking away from an input field
  • Header on multi-lookup is missing for some list types
  • Adding a Story in-line on Release Scheduling does not properly assign the Story to the selected release
  • Deleting a Backlog Goal/Objective from the Release Scheduling page results in inaccurate achievement % calculations
  • System Admin Member cannot access Member Admin Page if it is the first page accessed after logging in as a new admin
  • Adding a Story In-line on Release Scheduling does not appropriately assign the Story to the selected release
  • Horizontal scroll bar is missing in rich text fields in Asset Details
  • Error received when accessing Analytics Configuration

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