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Summer 2017 Point Release #8 - Build


Various improvements and bug fixes.


  • Analytics performance improvements


  • Filters
    • Unable to display error when filtering on a Portfolio Item that user does not have permission to access
    • Unable to remove a custom filter from a grid after the filter is applied
    • Scrolling page when filter list is open makes filters disappear
    • Find filter shows null in operator place
    • Backlog Group attributes and relations are listed in the list of More Filters but none of them return results
    • Filtering on Percent of Project does not work in Goals grid
    • Refresh in taskboard loses team progress status filter settings
    • Workitem relation filters inappropriately query all workitem types
  • Delivery at a Glance
    • Headers break when view by feature expands a parent epic
    • View by Portfolio Item Delivered gauge does not count workitems that are associated with a delivery asset
    • Toggling planned phase does not preserve epic expansion
  • Other
    • Team Edition PDF is non-functional
    • Acceptance Test relation links bar is too tall
    • Inline Reports missing in Team and Catalyst editions
    • Test asset detail page passes focus back and forth between Description and Actual Results

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