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Spring 2020 Point Release #3 - Build 20.1.3


Enhancements and bug fixes in VersionOne, Datamart and Analytics



  • Added an Asset State option to the Product Backlog Grid filter. This option limits the results to only assets in the specified Asset State values (Active and/or Closed). Using this filter auditors can limit the results to only closed work when verifying data quality. The "Include Closed Items" filter remains, but is now implemented as an Asset State filter.

  • Added a Portfolio Item Root filter to the Portfolio Tree, Roadmap, and Portfolio Kanban. Use this filter to view the Portfolio Item children of a specific Portfolio Item.

  • The Portfolio Item filter on the Portfolio Tree, the Roadmap, and the Portfolio Kanban now returns the specified Portfolio Items. If you need the children without the parent, use the Portfolio Item Root filter


  • When language preference is Chinese (Traditional) loading a TeamRoom page returns "Bad Request"

  • Deleting a Budget displays a server error

  • Deleting a Custom Field does not delete the corresponding Terminology entries

  • Budget Delete confirmation message is difficult to read

  • Find Unlisted Teams on Sprint Scheduling no longer works

  • The Storyboard customize modal is slow to open

  • Team count summary metric on Scorecards is greater than the number Team listed in the Team breakdown grid

  • Cannot use drag and drop to change Story or Defect Status values when Storyboard is grouped by Status

  • Descriptions containing older Inline Mentions of a Member contain HMTL markup

  • Members with usernames that contain escape character cannot access Analytics

  • Datamart ETL fails when certain list types are used for custom dropdowns


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