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Summer 2020 Point Release #4 - Build 20.2.4


Enhancements and bug fixes in VersionOne


  • For teams working in iterations and scheduling/planning work into future iterations, the Unplanned backlog typically does not contain the next most important work. In these environments, if the Team realizes the ability to accept additional work in the current iteration, they need to consider work that is already scheduled/planned before pulling from the Unplanned backlog. To improve visibility into backlog that is planned/scheduled into future iterations, the Backlog Panel in Iteration TeamRooms includes an option show backlog planned/scheduled in future Iteration.

  • The Backlog Panel in TeamRooms includes an option to hide forecast lines when viewing unplanned backlog items. Unplanned backlog items are those not assigned to an iteration or on board. Additionally, in Iteration Teamrooms, the Backlog Panel no longer display forecast lines for existing future Iterations.


  • Grouping the Portfolio Kanban on a multi-select custom field results in an Unable to Display error

  • Portfolio Items associated to a Template are considered Out of Scope on the Program Board

  • Activity Stream snap back up to the top when scrolling past the last entry


  • The Backlog Grid no longer supports filtering by Closed Iterations/Sprints

  • Server Error occurs when attaching large files

  • Sticky Milestone lane toggle text does not appear on older published roadmaps

  • Portfolio Tree contains no results when filtered for multiple Portfolio Items using the "Portfolio Item" filter


  • The Portfolio Item Root filter only returns results when the selected Portfolio Item has no parent.


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