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Version 21.2 Point Release #4 - Build 21.2.4


Enhancements and bug fixes in Agility


  • Added ability to bulk delete Tasks and Tests from within a Story or a Defect
  • Added ability to include the "Include Closed Items" filter in the Broken By Defects section of the asset details UI
  • Added ability to include a "Type" for Links


  • If a user changes her username, customizations made using the previous username will not be lost.
  • Fixed issue with the Portfolio Tree hierarchy resetting after adding a blocking item.
  • Fixed issue causing the Roadmap view to time out when the end date of a portfolio item is too far in the future.
  • Fixed problem with cards on Taskboards and Testboards not consuming the available width in columns.
  • Fixed issue in the Iteration Scheduling page that caused Select All to include closed workitems.
  • Fixed the error caused when all status values for Story in Project Workspace are unchecked but the Status column in grid is enabled.
  • The Conversations menu and Conversations tab within assets no longer require the @ reference at the beginning of a mention to display the user being mentioned. A user can now directly begin typing the name of the user to display the result.
  • Fixed issue with generating PDF in Planning Rooms.
  • Fixed issue with the Burnup chart in scorecard panel of Planning Room not displaying any data.
  • Fixed issue with delete button not showing up after a canceled delete action.
  • When Generating a Story from the Request Grid, the text for "Save & Close" option is changed to "Save & Close Request" to clearly indicate the action to be performed.


  • When setting up an Ideas forum with a Privacy level, the error message displayed when the 4000 character limit is exceeded is more user-friendly.
  • A new Pending status for ideas: 
    • A new security option is available in the admin area for Ideaspace in Agility.  This option has a toggle to mark all incoming ideas as pending requiring an approval prior to being available on the public Ideaspace page.  This prevents messages that shouldn't be included from automatically going public.
    • Existing ideas can also be set to the pending status as well to remove them from public view.


  • Resized bottom panel of Dashboard Manager panel to support view of full 10 items.


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