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My Dashboard

This feature is available in Enterprise and Ultimate editions.



On the My Dashboard page, you can see the progress of your work and customize reports and metrics for multiple projects.


Accessing My Dashboard

To access the My Dashboard page, select My Home > My Dashboard.

My Project Summary Section

The My Project Summary grid is located at the top of the page. It shows metrics used to evaluate the state of a project. Filters are available to reduce the number of projects being shown. For example, you can filter this grid to view only the projects owned by a given Member. The default grid shows the following metrics for each project (there is no roll-up):

  • Project Title

  • Owner

  • End Date

  • Projected End Date

  • Progress Bars (hover to see Open and Closed Estimates)

  • Open Stories/Backlog Items

  • Open Defect Count

  • Open Issue Count

To add or remove columns from the grid, see Customizing Your Grid View.

Charts Section

You can add any of the following charts to the My Dashboard page. These charts (displayed at the bottom of the page) help you track progress at the project, sprint/iteration, and team levels.

Follow the steps below to add and manage your charts.

Adding a Chart

  1. Click the Add button, and then select a chart. The chart displays data based the project shown in the project navigator.

  2. If you want to change the default data, click the Configure button in the top right corner of the chart, and then enter your options. See Configuring Charts below.

Removing a Chart

To remove a chart from the My Dashboard page, click the x in the top right corner of a chart.

Configuring a Chart

By default, each chart shows data based on the project selected in the project tree. If you want to use filters or show data from other projects, sprints, or teams, you can do so by configuring the chart.

  1. Click on the Configure button in the top right corner of a chart. The Configure window opens.

  2. Select the chart filters, and then click OK.

Note that charts are configured independently. This is helpful if, for example, you want to add a separate Sprint Burndown chart for each team working on the project.

Enlarging a Chart

To enlarge a chart, click on the Configure button.

Renaming a Chart

Each graph can be uniquely named to better identify the data shown.

  1. Click on the Configure button.

  2. Enter the new chart name, and then click Go.

Repositioning a Chart

To change the position of a chart on a the page, simply drag and drop it to a new location.