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Editing Timesheet Entries

This feature is available in Enterprise and Ultimate editions.



Follow these steps to change time tracked against a work item on a timesheet.


  1. Go to the Timesheet page:

    • From the main menu, click My Home > Timesheet, or

    • Click on your username in the Utility Bar (top right corner of any page), and then select Timesheet.

  2. Select a project from the Project Navigator, and then use the left and right arrows to choose a week.

  3. If you have:

    • Not submitted the timesheet, edit the hours/time as appropriate. Your changes are automatically saved when you leave the field or press Enter. Your daily and weekly totals immediately reflect the changes.

    • Submitted the timesheet, click Cancel Submit (displays after the timesheet has been submitted), make your changes, and then click Submit again to resubmit it for approval.

The ability to submit a timesheet for approval was added in the Winter 2017 (17.0) release. It is not available in older versions of Lifecycle. 

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