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Configuring Lifecycle Features

This feature is available in all editions.


You can configure VersionOne Lifecycle for your organization's unique process by enabling or disabling features in the Admin menu. You can also further customize it to make it better fit within your workflow. Note that the level of customization is determined by the edition you purchased.

Accessing the Configuration Options

In the Utility Bar, click Admin, and then select Configuration.


Configuration Options

To see which Lifecycle features can be configured, choose an edition below:

Having trouble figuring out what edition of Lifecycle you are using?  See How do I know what edition I'm on?

  • Application Administration
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    The Applications page shows all of the integrated applications that have been granted specific authentication access to your Lifecycle API through access tokens or via OAuth.  This article explains administration of those applications.
    • Catalyst Edition Configuration
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      On the System Configuration page, you can customize Lifecycle to your specific environment by enabling or disabling the extended features (defects, issues, requests, and retrospectives) displayed throughout the system. Having trouble figuring out what edition of Lifecycle you are using?  See How do I know what edition I'm on?
      • Configuring SMTP Settings
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        The SMTP settings must be configured before members can receive email notifications. SMTP configuration changes can only be made by system administrators. If the SMTP settings are not configured, member email preferences will be ignored.
        • Configuring Tracking Settings
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          Tracking settings are system-wide options that determine the level at which team progress is tracked (backlog level or task level) as well as whether actual Effort is tracked in addition to remaining To Do to indicate progress. This article explains how to adjust tracking setup within Lifecycle administration.
        • Project Workspaces
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          Using Project Workspaces, you can customize the user interface for each asset by choosing the fields and list values that display for each project or group of projects. A project workspace will include settings for all configurable fields of all project assets.
        • Publications
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          The Publications grid allows you to view or delete Portfolio Timelines that have been published in your instance, meaning they are visible (read-only) to anyone who has the link without the need for authentication.  This article explains the administration of the publications within Lifecycle.
          • Transitions
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            Transitions are configurable shortcuts that allow members to perform more than one function in a single action in grids, Taskboards, and Testboards.
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