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Configuring Lifecycle to Use SAFe Terminology

This feature is available in Enterprise and Ultimate editions.



Follow the instructions in this article to configure the menu options and label names in your instance of Lifecyle to use SAFe terminology.


To make changes on the Terminology page, your Admin Privileges role must be set to "System Administrator".

  1. Go to Admin > Configuration > Terminology.

  2. Click in the Label cell and type the new singular term, and change the following default Lifecycle terms to the equivalent SAFe terms:

    Default Lifecycle Term

    SAFe Equivalent Term






    Planning Level

  3. Press Tab key or click in the Plural Label cell, and update the plural terms accordingly.

  4. Click Save.

In the Spring Release 2016 (16.1), the terminology override and units of measure options were moved to a new page in the Administration section called, "Terminology". In versions prior to 16.1, these options are located on the Configuration tab.

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