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Using TeamRooms

This feature is available in Enterprise and Ultimate editions.



The hallmarks of Agile development are collaboration and adaptation with focus on the work. These characteristics are not possible without the ability to assess the work, decide on solutions, and communicate across teams. 

To support these, the  Lifecycle  TeamRoom™  feature is a dedicated team-based environment designed to facilitate a team's daily activities by allowing teams to plan, track, and collaborate in a central, consolidated view.

  • No matter what framework they practice, each team can configure their TeamRooms to for iteration-based sprints (Scrum, XP, etc.) or continuous flow (Kanban) to support the way they work.

  • Each TeamRoom can be personalized with mascots and avatars and display the information panels that matter most.

  • Team-based WIP limits can be set and team progress can be visualized with velocity metrics and charts.

Kanban TeamRooms

Accessing TeamRooms

There are two ways to access TeamRooms:

  • From the main menu, select Sprint Tracking (or Iteration Tracking), and then select TeamRooms.

  • Select TeamRooms from the Rooms menu in the Utility Bar.

​​Selecting a Sprint in a TeamRoom

To view the workitems related to a particular sprint, select a sprint from the drop-down list at the top of the TeamRoom.

Beginning in the Spring 2017 release, the Storyboard will show backlog items by roll-up categories any time multiple workspaces with different status values are detected. This will occur if one or more Teams that own work in the backlog has defined a Team specific process of if the currently selected project has child projects with project specific workspaces that use different status values.

For teams who have enabled the Team Process Management feature, see What impact does defining a team process have on my instance? to learn what impacts it has on TeamRooms.

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