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Member Group Load Trend Report


This feature is available in Enterprise and Ultimate editions.



The Member Group Load Trend report shows the amount of work assigned to a member group for the selected sprint over a period of time. The comparison between work in the selected project and other projects gives an indication of the relative allocation of a member group's effort across projects.


By default, the sprint selection range shows the last three sprints and the next one in the schedule.

Accessing This Report

On the main menu:

  • Reports > Member/Team Reports section

  • Iteration/Sprint Planning > Detail Planning > Inline Report option

  • Iteration/Sprint Planning > Member Planning > Inline Report option

  • Iteration/Sprint Tracking Detail Tracking > Inline Report option

  • Iteration/Sprint Tracking Member Tracking > Inline Report option


  • All VersionOne trend reports require at least two data points. If not enough data is available, the report may be blank.  Depending on the duration you select in the filters, at least one complete period of data must be available to draw a trend line. When selecting days, this means that the minimum duration is actually 2 days, which will include 2 data points.

  • Your Show Weekend report settings may affect how much data is selected.  For example, if you choose two days as duration and one day is a Saturday or Sunday, and you have elected to not Show Weekends, then you may not have sufficient data to show a trend.

Report Filters/Parameters

  • Member Group: Shows data for active members in the the selected member group only. When a member is added or removed, both the current and historical values change.
Start Sprint/Iteration:
The first sprint/iteration you want to include in the report.

End Sprint/Iteration: The last sprint/iteration you want to include in the report.

Technical Details

  • Average Load (Blue line). The average load for the selected member group.
  • Capacity (Selected). The expected Detail Estimate for the member group in the selected sprints.

  • Capacity (Total). The expected Detail Estimate for the member group for all sprints.

The Capacity displayed on this report is based on the amount of detail estimate assigned to a member or member group and is not the same as entered capacity in the Capacity Planning feature.

  • Detail Estimate (Selected). The sum of all Detail Estimate for each sprint in the project.

  • Prior Average. A calculated average of Detail Estimate data points across all projects for each sprint prior to the one selected in this report.

  • Detail Estimate (Other Projects). The sum of all Detail Estimate in any other projects the team member(s) are working on. Where sprint schedules do not align in other projects, the system allocates the Detail Estimate in proportion to the percentage of the time that aligns with each sprint in the current schedule.

Additional Options