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I am a System Administrator. Why can't I see everything in the system?


This feature is available in all editions.


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I'm looking for a story that's in another project. The project doesn't show up in my project tree so I can't look for it in the backlog. Also, when I search for the story ID, I don't get any results. I'm a system administrator, and I know the story exists. Why can't I see it?


There are two roles assigned to your VersionOne account. The first one is your Admin Privileges role (formerly Default Role). This role establishes your access to the system and the level of system configuration permissions you have. It does not grant you access to projects. 

The second role, the Project Role, is the role that determines what you can see and do on each project to which you are assigned. And for each project you work on, your role may be different. 

In this case, you are probably not assigned to the project, or the project role assigned to you  does not allow you to view backlog items.

To see all workitems in the system, you'll need to be assigned to the root project (System) with the project role of "Observer" (at a minimum). Your project role on other projects can be adjusted as needed to allow you to view, create, or edit workitems.