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This feature is available in Catalyst, Enterprise, and Ultimate editions.


A program is a cross-hierarchical collection of projects used for filtering and reporting purposes. Programs allow you to group a set of projects that do not all roll up together within a single hierarchy. You can use them to represent:

  • Suite Releases that encompass updates for a number of products in a suite

  • A Program Increment across an Agile Release Train when using SAFe®

  • A newly-combined group of projects after a reorganization

  • Teams that support multiple products

  • Any other grouping that your hierarchy structure does not support directly

Users can filter the project selection by program to plan, track or report by these subsets.

Accessing Programs

Programs display in the Project Tree and are visible by all system users, but any member who views a program's contents will only be able to see the included projects that they could otherwise access within the system. Note that a program does not increase anyone's access within the system.

  • To access the Project Tree, click on the Project Navigator button in the top left corner of the page. From there, you can select the programs you want to work with.

What is the "System (All Projects)" Project?

The "System (All Projects)" project sits at the top level of the project tree and was automatically created when VersionOne was set up. We recommend that you create all of your projects/child projects underneath it to retain the flexibility to scale the project tree in the future. To learn more, see Understanding System (All Projects).

Suite Release Example

A program called "Q1 Suite Release" can be created to encompass the work for the upcoming release of three products that make up a suite. Use a program to view the collective progress and status of all the work that is going into the Q1 Release of the Suite.

  • Application Suite

    • Project 1

      • Q1 Release

      • Q2 Release

    • Product 2

      • Q1 Release

    • Project 3

      • Q1 Release

      • Q2 Release

When a user selects the Application Suite and filters by Q1 Suite Release program, the system will include only the items scheduled in the Q1 Release under each of the projects. This is accomplished within the Tree & Filters panel of the Project Navigator. The tree control provides visual indication of exactly which projects will be included.


View project/release and sprint metrics to measure your progress towards release.

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