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ALM Connect for Visual Studio Team Services

Using ALM Connect, you can connect VersionOne and TeamForge to other systems to synchronize fields or workflows. ALM Connect provides extensive mappings for virtually all types of assets between systems, including custom fields. You can also customize the direction of data, as one directional or bi-directional connections are both supported. Additionally, you can filter assets for even more granular synchronization.For example, if a user only wanted portfolio items of a certain type (e.g., feature), simply change the query in ALM Connect.  ALM Connect supports synchronization by project as well. This provides powerful capabilities when mapping certain fields or certain asset types by project.

VersionOne Supported Assets in ALM Connect

  • Backlog Items
  • Defects
  • Portfolio Items
  • Goals
  • Issues
  • Requests
  • Tasks
  • Tests
  • Test Sets
  • Backlog Groups
  • Projects
  • Iterations

TeamForge Supported Assets in ALM Connect

  • All System Tracker Types
  • Customer Tracker Types
  • Planning Folders
  • Teams


ALM Connect Quick Start Guide
This quick quick start guide will provide an administrator with the necessary steps to get their first integration up and running.
Pages: 5


ALM Connect for Visual Studio is an integrated development environment (IDE) used to develop computer programs for Microsoft Windows, as well as web sites, web applications and web services.

Assets Supported

  • Bug
  • Build (Read Support)
  • Requirement
  • Shared Steps
  • Task
  • Test Case
  • Test Result
  • Test Suite
  • Test Run
  • User Story
  • Area and Iteration
  • All Custom Entity Types
  • Commit Information

Supported Versions

  • VSTS
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