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Starting a Deployment from a Flow Pipeline in Continuum

Edit the Pipeline

Return to the Pipeline Editor by choosing on the right hand menu Flow -> Manage Pipelines. Create a new Phase called Deploy. Add a Stage to this Phase called Deploy. Add the new Phase to your existing Pipeline after the first Phase you created.

Edit the Deploy Stage. From the Plugins menu, Deploy, add three new steps: Deploy an Application, Run Sequence, Terminate.

Next let's fill in the prompts.

Deploy an Application

On "Deploy an Application", Template should equal your Deploy Template name. Your Version is probably 1. Parameters are the only tricky part. The parameters are a JSON structure. However for the time being we will forego defining and parameters since our simulated deployment does not require them.

Run Sequence

For the Run Sequence step, put "Tests". This is the sequence that would simulate running tests on a started deployment.


For Terminate, you don't need to do anything, it will know that you intend on terminating the deployment within this stage.

Commit a Change

Once you have all this setup, check in a change and hopefully in a few minutes you will be able to see that the pipeline instance ran. on that page you can expand the phase and get into the logs for the deployment sequences that ran.


Next we will add some complexity to the process by deploying to real servers in Amazon AWS.

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