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Sync Specific Workitem

Instead of syncing workitems unconditionally for all the create/edit events, you can choose to have workitems synced conditionally (for example, if and only if a field has a particular value). For example, you may have the workitems synced if and only if the Status field is set to "Open". 

You can use the following comparison operators to build your filters.

  • Equals
  • Not Equals
  • Contains
  • Not Contains
  • Not Empty
  • Less Than
  • Greater Than
  • Less Than Or Equal To
  • Greater Than Or Equal To

In addition, you can nest conditions using the AND and OR logical operators.

  1. Enable the Sync Specific Workitem option.
  2. Select the Filter tab and build your conditional filters.


In case you have a multi-project mapping, you can create project-specific conditional filters.

  1. Select the Project Specific Filter tab and define the filter.