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Create Mapping to Sync Agility Iterations and Jira Sprints

Agility Iterations and Jira Sprints are assets supported by Agility Connect. You can now create mappings to sync Agility Iterations and Jira Sprints.

The use case here is to create a mapping to sync Agility Iterations with Jira Sprints as and when you create or update Agility Iterations or Jira Sprints.

To create a mapping to sync Agility Iterations with Jira Sprints:

  1. Click Create Mapping
  2. Type a name for the mapping, select the Agility and Jira systems from the System 1 and System 2 drop-down lists, select No Projects from the Agility Projects and Jira Projects drop-down lists, and select Timebox and Sprint from the Asset Types and Issue Types drop-down lists respectively. 


  1. Click Next
  2. Click Auto Map to map the fields automatically.  
  3. Or, you can click Add Field and map the following fields: 
Agility Iteration Fields Jira Sprint Fields Remarks
Name Name
  • Name of the Iteration or Sprint
  • Name is required in Agility—provide a default name for the iteration
Description Goal A short description of what that Iteration or Sprint is all about
Begin Date Start Date
  • The date when the Iteration or Sprint starts
  • Begin Date is required in Agility—provide a default begin date
End Date End Date
  • The date when the Iteration or Sprint ends
  • End Date is required in Agility—provide a default end date
Schedule OriginBoardId
  • In Agility, the Schedule field corresponds to the Sprint Schedules, based on which the Iteration would be created
  • In Jira, the OriginBoardId field corresponds to the Scrum Board where the Sprint would be created
  • You can map as many Agility Sprint Schedules you want with Jira Boards
State State
  • The state of the Iteration or Sprint—for example, Future, Active, and Closed
  • The State field is required in Agility—map the State field values and select a default value for State




  1. Click Save and Preview
  2. Once you preview and verify the mapping, click Save and Complete