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Configure the Continuum Plugins

Make sure you have the Agility and Jira plugins configured in Continuum.

1. Log on to Continuum as an administrator.

2. Click the Administration icon ( ctm02.png ) at the top right and select Connections > Plugins from the menu.

3. Configure the Agility and Jira plugins. For more information, see Agility and Jira plugin documentation.




  • You must select All Teams from the Team drop-down list while configuring the plugins. 
  • You must not create or update work items using the Admin user account (that has access to all the projects in a Jira or Agility instance, for example) used to set up the Continuum plugins. Sync events in Agility Connect fail if you do so. 

Alternatively, you can also click + Create from the Create Mapping page to configure or modify the Agility Connect-supported Continuum plugins.